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Funfair Rides for Hire

John Collins funfairs have a vast array of funfair rides available to hire including the Dodgem Cars, Miami, Superbowl and Frisbee, which can be seen in more detail on their seperate pages.

The funfair rides and attractions pictured here represent many of the fun fair rides available to hire from John Collins. They include traditional family fairground rides, modern thrill rides, childrens funfair rides, aswell as shows and our catering facilities. If you can't see what you are looking for then please do not hesitate to drop us a line or call us on 07831 840 264 or 0161 320 5997

John Collins' Formula 1 Dodgems,image
John Collins' Rockin the Nation Miami,image
John Collins' Frisbee,image
John Collins' Superbowl,image
John Collins' Twister,image
Carousel / Gallopers,image
Roller Coaster,image
Freak Out,image
Jump & Smile,image
Chair O Planes,image
Happy Sailor,image
Snow Jet Matterhorn,image
John Collins' Crazy Fun House,image
John Collins' Ghost Train,image
John Collins' Cups & Saucers,image
John Collins' Train,image
Bungee Trampolines,image
Family Coaster,image
John Collins' Frisbee,image
John Collins' Mini Aeroplanes,image
John Collins' Race O Rama,image
John Collins' Toy Set,image
Classic catering,image